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Macheist is giving away a copy of Deventhink($50), Hyperspaces($13), and Overflow($15) to everyone who follows them and then tweets a message!  I am sure this offer will expire soon so do this quick while the offer lasts! All you need is a twitter account.

You can check if this is still valid here:

How to get your copy!

  1. Follow @Macheist on Twitter!
  2. Tweet: “@MacHeist Yeah, I’ll take a free copy of DEVONthink! #MacHeist #free
  3. Watch your Direct Messages as they will mail you how to recieve your copy

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It was once pretty hard to attain hundreds of followers, then tweetgetter emerged.  Which is basically a pyramid scheme for getting twitter friends.  It is pretty effective however a new service called iFollowBack has emerged, it does what it says.  You log into their site and when you see a list of hundreds of people that are also on the site.  Once you click follow they follow you aswell.  Just beware that the site does store you user name and password for twitter so to be on the safe side ensure it isn’t the same password as your email.  Also there doesn’t appear to be a way to remove yourself from the site at this time, but if you change your twitter password it will auto remove you.


It appears I was wrong, the site doesn’t feature an auto follow(yet?) however they suggest you use TweetLater or SocialToo to let yourself follow whomever follows you! Beware as all sites that prefer credentials, use a different password than your email!  You wouldn’t want the chance of them stealing your twitter account.  Either way, after signing up I have gotten a significant amount of follows.

Sign up @

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One of the major down falls to twitter is when you get too engulfed in it and start following many people.  Its nice but the tweets from those special people can go unnoticed.  That is where tweet deck comes it, it will let you view pretty much anything on twitter by groups!  Check out the video.

To download it:

  1. Install Adobe AIR if you don’t have it already, my guess is you don’t
  2. Install TweetDeck just click install now.


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images-1For those who don’t know what twitter is it is basically a social network which allows people to broadcast a line to their audience.  If your familiar with facebook it is basically just a stripped down version of facebook that only does the “status updates”.

So you have a twitter account and want more followers there is a site that does just that, you will have to enter your credentials so it can follow the people in line.  But they claim it does not store the information and enough people have used it(myself being one) and know it works!

Head over to TweeterGetter and put in the information.  Once done sit back and watch your twitters come in!

For more information and ways to get even more with this service check out the video: YouTube Preview Image

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