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Ever want to download a youtube video? But all the hassling of converting it made it not worth it? Well there is a way to download youtube videos in a playable format!

  1. Go to the youtube video you wish to download.
  2. In the URL add the word Kick before youtube and hit enter. (ex url:
  3. This new page will have a bar above the video on the right side it will have a green button that says “Go” click that
  4. That button will down blue and say “down”, right click it
  5. Choose “Save link as” and once it is done saving you will have your video in mp4 format!

Example Video

YouTube Preview Image

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imagesSurfTheChannel is not your ordinary streaming video site, unlike most these people don’t host any video themselves. Instead they just find links to stream pretty much every TV Show possible and store them in a clean organized way. What I find even cooler about the service is they display the 10 most popular links of the day, making it easy to find a new show to watch. So whether you missed the latest episode of Lost, don’t have Showtime to watch Dexter, or just are plain out bored looking for something to watch head over to

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Whether it may not be the most useful thing, it can easily get you out of a pinch if you need to fax something quick. It is 100% free however they limit you to 2 faxes a day, with a 3 page maximum per document, they also do put an advertisement on the cover page. However you can’t exactly complain when they are offering their service for free.

Its simple to use just go to and either upload a Document, PDF or type what you want to fax enter their number and presto.

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Site SundayPasswords. Their used by everyone on a daily basis to protect personal information, accounts- just about everything. With Password Chart, you no longer have to think of a good password. Simply create your own password algorithm, and your desired password. It will then generate for you a password based on the information you provided. Simple, easy, and secure!

This is incredibly handy for people who have to remember multiple passwords to important accounts. In addition, if you ever forget your generated password, all you need to do is type in your algorithm, password to convert, and there you have your secure password!

Try it out- its free!

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Believe it or not there once was a time when MTV(Music TeleVision) actually played music. They may no longer be dedicated to music via the tv but they launched a website that is atleast. However I don’t think they could of gave it any more of a silly name (MTVMusic[Music TeleVision Music]), I do enjoy their service. Unlike youtube it appears they only have official music videos so it shouldn’t be to hard to get that video you been longing to see. Oh did i mention that Rick Astleys - Never Gonna Give You Up(aka RickRoll), is the top rated song?


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Did you own a Powerful and Expensive gaming PC?

I’m sure most of you said no. If your one of the many gamers burdened by a moderate to slow computer, you know that some games are just too good for you to run. So, how do you know if you can run the game you are about to buy? Sure they may have the minimum requirements listed on the bottom of the box, but sometimes, certan graphics hardware or drivers may not be able to play a particular game. Well, the Can You Run It web tool is the solution to this problem.

Can You Run It? Uses an Applet program that installs itself in your browser like a Firefox Add-on. When it’s installed, the web tool can scan your hardware and software to see if you can run a game. It’s as simple as that! Now you don’t need to bother with all of the pointless research before buying the game.

The site has 2 scan result categories. It will give you either a passing or failing grade on the Minimum Requirements and the Recommended. It will also give you a detailed checklist that tells you what failed the check and why.

Check it out at Can You Run It?

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