Posts Tagged “Search” you’ve ever browsed the forums, you may have noticed that many of the questions asked there can be solved by a simple Google search. But you can’t just outright tell them to stop bothering you and Google it, can you?

Let Me Google That For You is a brilliant webtool which will help you create a passive aggressive response to that person asking you the lyrics to a popular song. Just insert your search Query into the familiar Google UI and click Generate. The user will be redirected to a page which explains to them, step by step, how to do a Google Search. After taking them through it they will be redirected to their Google results page.

Whats that? How does a Ninja reheat rice in a Microwave?

Let Me Google That For You!

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Pictures can say a thousand words so why not try to use them to crawl the web instead of phrases? You can probably do this many ways however the two ways we recommend are from: “Microsoft Live Image Search” and “TinEye“. The upside to Microsoft is they have a much larger repository (more images) to search however as of yet it doesn’t look like you can upload a picture and search by it. Meaning you will have to find the image via a text search first, select an image and search for similar ones. However, the service TinEye allows you to upload an image and search for it on the web, they do appear to have a much larger repository. They do have over a billion images, so it is safe to say it’s big enough for any searches you’ll be performing. TinEye also requires you to register a free account.

So why would one want to do an image search?

  • Find where an image appears online
  • Find websites containing more information about an image
  • Find the origin/author of an image
  • Find high resolution versions of an image
  • Find modified or edited (or unedited/watermarked) versions of an image
  • Track the popularity or distribution of an image online

How to Use:

Microsoft, search for an image find the image you want put your mouse over it. Once the mouse is over it will enlarge a bit and below the image there will be a link to search for similar images.

Tineye, is fairly straight forward just create an account login and it should be self-explanatory.

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