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One of the major down falls to twitter is when you get too engulfed in it and start following many people.  Its nice but the tweets from those special people can go unnoticed.  That is where tweet deck comes it, it will let you view pretty much anything on twitter by groups!  Check out the video.

To download it:

  1. Install Adobe AIR if you don’t have it already, my guess is you don’t
  2. Install TweetDeck just click install now.


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Not every application gets the credit it deserves, especially the free ones as generally they don’t spend money on advertisement.  Therefore the only way for people to find out about them is by word of mouth.  Here are 3 applications for OS X that we think you may enjoy:

1. App Cleaner

So, maybe you just downloaded a new app, and it didn’t meet you demands? Well, you know some apps install hidden and hard to find plug ins, patches, etc. So it’ll run efficiently. Well, with AppCleaner you simply drag the application into its interface, and it will find all hidden and hard to find data that came with it, so you can trash the App and it’s “cling ons” with it! Also, it’s “SmartDelete” function (which can be activated in it’s “Preferances” menu, allows it to detect when a single app is thrown in the trash, and will search for it’s “cling ons” and will offer to throw them in the trash too.


While Growl isn’t a full fledged App, it’s purpose is awesome. Growl is a notification system for other Apps! Many big and small publishers have been making Growl support, so some of the Apps you have now might even have Growl support. With Growl, Apps are able to send small but handy pop up messages to you, telling you maybe when a download is done in Limewire, or when someone IM’s you in Adium! It’s extremely helpful with people who keep multiple apps up at a time and don’t want to keep track of them. The only downside is that Growl must be supported with the App, so some Apps will not work with Growl. Some apps that DO work with Growl are: FireFox, Adium, Skype, Thunderbird, VLC, Stuffit Expander, Coda, and more. You can check all the Apps that are supported here

3. Jing

Some people like making YouTube videos, and recording the screen on your computer. Now, with the “Jing Project” you can record the screen, take a quality screen shot of a certain part of the screen, or the whole thing! Lastly, it can automatically upload you pictures to their server so you can sent a quick URL to a friend via AIM or on a forum!

Need help with any of these applications? Or want more? Let us know in the forums!

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