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images-1If you are starting to get tired of the plain old mac theme, you can change it! All you need is the excellent freeware program Magnifique. You can create your own themes (expect a tutorial on how to make themes later), or download free osx themes directly from the app. There is also an entire forum dedicated to themeing and skinning your mac. Files found on the forum can also be downloaded and imported into Magnifique.

  1. Download and Install Magnifique (
  2. Look through the themes in the “Available Downloads” section at the bottom left of the program. (I am currently using Veritas Public Beta) Clicking on a theme will display a preview to the right for most themes, but not for all of them. Try downloading and applying all of them until you find one you like.
  3. Now that you have found a theme you like, click “Download Now” just above the preview window
  4. Under the “My Themes” section, click the theme you just installed and click “Apply Now” (where the “Download Now” button used to be)
  5. (optional). You may wish to disable the transparent Menubar. (required to skin the menubar) This is very simple, just click on Magnifique in the Menubar, and click “Enable/Disable Transparent Menubar”.

Enjoy your Mac’s new look! You can get more free osx skins from Magnifique’s website any time, or even create your own!

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images-2Did you know you can share your computers internet connection with others?  So if your mac has ethernet(cabled) connection, you can create a wireless network.  Or if your MAC has a wireless connection you could share with an ethernet connection(useful for game systems!)

How To:

  1. Open up System Preferences, click the apple in the upper left of your screen and select it.
  2. Under Internet and Network select Sharing
  3. Click on “Internet Sharing” but don’t click the check box yet!
  4. On the Right select where you want to share your connection from and share it to.  Example: Share from Built-in Ethernet to AirPort, will create a wireless network.
  5. Check the check box.


  • If creating a wireless network you will not be able to join any wireless networks until this is disabled, just uncheck the box.
  • If creating a wireless network, before you enable the service you can change the name of the network or even encrypt it via WEP by clicking on “Airport Options”

Comments No Comments » of you TPB addicts know that formats can be annoying. It may be even more annoying to those who are not as tech savvy as the rest of us. Really, when you first started using a computer, didn’t you ever wonder what a divX was? Luckily, VLC has you covered.

VLC can play virtually any audio and video files. From the older formats (ogg, Mpeg 1-3, Rmpeg…) to the newer ones like MPEG4, AVI, WMP, MP3 and many more. It also works as a DVD player with a ton of custom video filters and skins.

Get VLC Media Player HERE

Any problems? Visit the Forums and ask our great users!

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ffmpegxDo you hate downloading videos and having them broken up in multiple files?  Well using ffmpegx on OS X you can join almost any two video files; one would find on the internet.  Just be warned this process can take longer than you expect to join some files, but it should never last longer then an hour.

Installing ffmpegx and codecs.

  1. Download it from here
  2. Open the dmg and drop the ffmpegx into a folder, such as your applications.
  3. Open ffmpegx and in the title bar(upper left of your screen) click ffmpegX and click on install binaries.
  4. Now it has 3 links, download each file and then click locate and locate the file you downloaded for it.
  5. Ensure all boxes
  6. Enter your OS X password and click install.

Joining the Videos

  1. Open FFMpegX and click on tools (its on the right side upper middle)
  2. A new row of buttons will come up below that click on “Join”
  3. Now you can drag and drop the first half of the movie in the first text box
  4. Do the same with the second movie to the second text box.
  5. Click Join, and it will create a new file of the two files joined.

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Macheist is giving away a copy of Deventhink($50), Hyperspaces($13), and Overflow($15) to everyone who follows them and then tweets a message!  I am sure this offer will expire soon so do this quick while the offer lasts! All you need is a twitter account.

You can check if this is still valid here:

How to get your copy!

  1. Follow @Macheist on Twitter!
  2. Tweet: “@MacHeist Yeah, I’ll take a free copy of DEVONthink! #MacHeist #free
  3. Watch your Direct Messages as they will mail you how to recieve your copy

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osxhiddenMost operating systems are filled with Easter eggs! Sorry, there’s no relation to the holiday here- Easter eggs are little tricks that often go unnoticed and might help improve your day-to-day work with getting tasks completed or are there for sheer amusement! Here are some of our favorite tricks you can perform on OS X.

Drag instead of Copy and Paste!

  • This is extremely helpful if you don’t know the cut, copy, and paste hot keys! If you highlight a word or phrase, you can simply drag it to where you want. This not only works within your current window but you can even drag it to different windows. When you are within your current window it will cut and paste, and when you bring it to another one it simply just copies and paste. Very good for copying that ever so funny video into an Instant Message.


Dictionary in Cocoa Applications such as Safari, iChat, Mail

  • If you highlight over a word and press Ctrl+Cmd (Apple) +D, it will activate hidden powers within OS X to bring up the definition of the word. No more using Google or!

Zooming the Screen In and Out!

  • This doesn’t seem like a handy feature until you actually start using it. While holding control scroll up on the mouse wheel to zoom and and back to zoom out. Use a laptop? Well just put two fingers on your track pad and move them up and down!

Invert Colorspicture-2

  • Ever get tired of the way your screen looks? Well with Ctrl+Alt (Option) + Cmd (Apple) + 8 you can invert all the colors on your screen. It actually can make it a bit easier on the eyes in a dark environment.

Print Screen

  • Ever want to take a snapshot of your screen? Well its actually very simple if you press Cmd (Apple) +Shift+3 it will save your entire screen to a file on your desktop. Want a snippet? Press Cmd+Shift+4 to have a cross hair come up and select what you want. If you want to capture a window after getting the cross hair to come up with cmd+shift+4 then press space bar and it will let you select the window!

Slow Motion Window Minimize/Maximize

  • Not every feature has a purpose some are just fun when you are bored. The next time you minimize or maximize a window, hold shift and watch it in slow motion!

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