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untitledEver buy an app and realize it was complete garbage? Well for better or worse after you complete this guide you won’t have to pay for an app again.  However if you do like the application you should pay for it, as you will be notified when updates are available and that developer spent a lot of time creating the app.

You will need:


  1. Open Cydia, this is an application that is installed when you jail break your device.
  2. Go to the Manage tab, the “tabs” are located at the bottom.
  3. Select the Sources option
  4. Select the Edit button, this is located in the top right.
  5. Select the Add button, this is located in the top left.
  6. Input in the text box it should read and press Add Source
  7. You may get a warning, select “Add Anyway
  8. As it will update every source not just the one we added, you may get errors in which you can ignore.
  9. Once it is all done go back to the main cydia menu and press the search tab
  10. Search for “AppSync”  and install “AppSync for OS 3.0″.
  11. Restart your iPhone.
  12. You can now drag and drop .IPA files into your iTunes application section, sync your phone and run them!

Note: A great place to find pirated apps is:

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iphone_pirate_2The dev-team has release PwnageTool for OS X. PwnageTool is a reliable but tedious process to jail break your iDevice. The process for PwnageTool is simple, it patches the firmware installer from iTunes and when you Restore your device it will use a patched version of the firmware installer, which then jailbreaks the phone.

Expect the infamous QuickPwn and Windows alternatives to be released in the next few days.  When they are we will have a guide up ASAP.
What You Need

  • Mac OS X
  • PwnageTool
  • Any iDevice except iPhone 3GS or 2nd gen iTouch.


  1. Plug in your iDevice
  2. Open PwnageTool
  3. Select your Device
  4. It’s going to find your firmware file, give it a minute and click on the firmware file.
  5. Follow on screen instructions and it will create the patched firmware file.
  6. Once it finishes creating the patched firmware it will present you with a few instructions to put your phone in “DFU Mode”
  7. Open itunes, if your iDevice is not there unplug and plug in the usb cable.
  8. Select your iDevice from the devices menu, it will pop up a message saying you need to restore the phone.
  9. While holding ALT click restore
  10. Select the .ipsw file on your desktop and it will begin jailbreaking your device!
  11. Once the JailBreak is finished, I advise you to sync your iDevice back with your computer.  All data will be gone until it is sync’d.

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What does tethering mean for your iPhone? Tethering will give you the ability to give your Computer/Laptop internet from your iPhone’s data plan(via iPhone cable or bluetooth)!

Beware this is can potentially void your contract with your cellular provider and cause them to terminate your contract.  We do not condone these types of acts, but also do not condone of cellular providers “charging” for features that are already there.  Sure it does put more strain on their network but they also overcharge for Text Messaging.  Yes I know I’m just making a BS reason to morally justify this.

Anyways enabling tethering is as simple as editing a configuration file on your iPhone, wait no it’s simpler we will provide you the “edited” configuration file.

At any point do you “mess up” you can always restore your iPhone via iTunes, we do not see any potential way you can cause irreparable damage.

There are reports of this breaking MMS and Visual Voicemail depending on carrier so be sure to test after performing this, if it disables you can:

  • Restore, and lose tethering
  • Ignore and accept it as a “trade-off” we think its worth it.
  • Let us know, be sure to let us know your country and carrier and maybe we can fix the mobile config file!

The How To

  1. On iPhone navigate to
  2. Select “MobileConfigs”
  3. Select your Country
  4. Select your Carrier
  5. Install the profile
  6. On your iPhone go to: Settings -> General -> Network -> Internet Tethering
  7. Enable Internet Tethering, we recommend using USB Tethering in order to save your battery life.
  8. Connect your iPhone and hopefully all configuration will be automatically done for you!


  • Most mobile data plans have a limit of 5GB until your account is flagged.  By not downloading large files and avoiding p2p applications(torrent,limewire,etc.) you should remain under the radar.
  • I have done this over wifi(no reception) and it did not work.  To ensure this works please go to the website over your Edge/3G connection.
  • If having trouble disable wifi before you begin, and enable it once your done.  “Settings > Wi-Fi”

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ATTENTION: There is a “new” MMS Method located here.

Everyone should know the iPhone 3.0 supports MMS Messaging, however AT&T is not currently allowing it on their network.  To enable it you need:

  • Modified version of ATT_US.ipcc get it here
  • iPhone running firmware 3.0
  • iTunes 8.2
  • Another AT&T Phone, non-iphone

Enabling IPCC Updates for iTunes 8.2


  1. Close iTunes
  2. Open Terminal (Applications > Utilities > Terminal)
  3. Run the command: defaults write carrier-testing -bool TRUE

Windows 32 Bit

  1. Close iTunes
  2. Go to Start then Run and type CMD
  3. Run this command(If you right-click on the cmd window you can paste): “C:\Program Files\iTunes\iTunes.exe” /setPrefInt carrier-testing 1

Windows 64 Bit

  1. Close iTunes
  2. Go to Start then Run and type CMD
  3. Run this command(If you right-click on the cmd window you can paste): “C:\Program Files (x86)\iTunes\iTunes.exe” /setPrefInt carrier-testing 1

Copying the ipcc to your iPhone

  1. Open iTunes & plug in your phone
  2. Click on your phone in iTunes(under device settings)
  3. Windows Users: hold shift and click “Check for updates”.  MAC OS X: hold alt and click “Check for updates”
  4. Select the ipcc you downloaded earlier.

If you have AT&T Family Plan you may skip steps 7-11

  1. Remove the sim cards from both the iPhone and your non-Apple phone
  2. Place the iPhone sim card into the non-Apple phone
  3. Power on the new phone
  4. Make a phone call or two (your voicemail works)
  5. Log in to your myWireless account at
  6. It should now say that your device is whatever you put your SIM into. If it doesn’t, repeat step 4 a few times.
  7. Go to the “Features” tab
  8. Select a “Messaging Plan”, one that isn’t an iPhone plan.
  9. Click next and go through all the legal crap
  10. You should now have MMS enabled on your account… so…
  11. Swap the iPhone sim card back into the iPhone
  12. Reboot the iPhone

[Via: Krillr]

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images-4AT&T, stung by criticism in recent days, has just decided to offer the lower, new-customer prices at launch to iPhone 3G owners eligible for upgrades at any time up to Sept. 30 of this year, even if they were originally told they’d have to pay the $200 premium.

Their Press Release states: “For example, iPhone customers who spend more than $99 a month per line with us generally are eligible for an upgrade between 12 and 18 months into their contract.”  So you may still have to pay the extra $200, however if you want to see if you qualify you may dial *NEW# (*639#) and get a text message sent to you.

If you do not qualify you have two options:

  • You may qualify for the iPhone 3G S early upgrade price of $399 (16GB) or $499 (32GB).
  • You can pay full retail—and not have to sign a 2-year contract—at $599 (16GB) or $699 (32GB).

Read their full press release here.

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imagesI’m sure you all know about the iPhone 3GS that is destined to launch June 19th, basically it’s the same phone with better components.  Apple is still selling the current 3G for $99, as this upgrade is mainly just a speed upgrade.  They slated the phone(32gb) to cost $299, with a new 2 year contract.  However AT&T’s fine print reads:

If you are “a valued AT&T customer,” AT&T offers an “early iPhone upgrade with a new 2-yr commitment and an $18 upgrade fee.” The price? $399.00 for the 16GB iPhone 3G S and $499.00 for the 32GB iPhone 3G S (gizmodo)

This makes the price of a *upgrading* an iphone to be $518(phone & upgrade fee).  However if one should cancel AT&T for $175 and pay a $35 activation fee, they could get the phone for ~$510.

It’s only an $8 difference, but what the fuck AT&T shouldn’t you be giving a discount to people upgrading? As they are your enslaved loyal customers.

There better be some sort of typo or miss-communication here.  Assuming the “upgraders” have to pay $200 extra on an iPhone it appears to be cheaper to cancel and buy a new phone.

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