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images4Google Analytics is a one piece of software no site owner should be without, it pulls more information from your visitors than you know what to do with.  Want to know what sites are linking you? Or how about what search terms are leading to your page?  Your visitors browser? It will even pull their screen resolution.  However one useful piece of information hidden away in their menus is the ability look at your sites activity in a 24 hour window.  Have a site and google analytics?  Check this graph out:


  1. Log into Analytics and load the profiled site you wish to see hourly statistics for.
  2. Select Visitors then Visitor Trending from the left menu.
  3. Select an item under Visitor Trending
  4. The regular graph will appear, however just above the graph on the right there are a few buttons, click the clock(left most) and enjoy your hourly reporting!

Note: Graphs will only display 24 hours, if multiple days are selected it will respectively combine the days on one 24 hour graph.

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411 is a great service. Who needs to mess with those annoying phone books when you can just dial 3 numbers and have somebody else do the work for you. Sadly, the charges for this service can be steep. Some people will pay over 2 bucks for a single call. But what if you dont want to pay? Well the folks over at Google have you covered!

GOOG-411 is a free service from our friends down at the googleplex. All you do is dial the number [1(800) 466-4411] and a friendly robot (Probably skynet) takes down the City, State, and Business. He will even connect you for free! Find more details on the google website.

[GOOG-411 via Google]

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 screen-capture-11Did you know google recently rolled out a new “feature” to make your searches even more specific?  By clicking “Show Options”, which is located in a light blue bar just above your search results, you can do things like:

  • Search for videos, forums, reviews.
  • Search based upon time; ex: only show results from pages that have been updated in the past 24 hours.
  • Include more text or even images within your search results.
  • Narrow down your search by a neat graphical interface called the “Wonder wheel”

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imagesEver have difficulty finding your answer on google? And have other people find it within seconds? Well they may be using special operators(characters) to tweak their searches!  In our case an operator is a character one will put before a word they are google’ing.  It is very important you do not put a space in between the operator and word!

+Force google to include a word

Google may exclude some words and abbreviations from a your search.  It may be wise to put a + before abbreviations and broad words(the,and, an, I, etc).  If you really do want to include them.

Example Search: +The Onion

-Don’t search for a word.

Did you know you can have google take away results based upon words?  For instance if you want to do a search about Dolphins but don’t want to hear about football just put a -Football in your search!

Example Search: Dolphins -Football

~Similar Words

Could your word be used in more than one way? Such as Cheap can mean; inexpensive, low cost, and affordable.  Or Tutorial can mean guide, help, and tips?  Well put a ~ before the word and it will search the synonyms too!

Example Search: Google ~tutorial

..Searching Ranges

This one is pretty unique, it is purely for searching a range of numbers. This is most used in years and prices. The below search term will search all pages about the American revolution that have any number between 1700 and 1800 in them.

Example Search: American Revolution 1700..1800

Quoting Verbatim

This is not an operator but a very important, if one wants google to search for an exact phrase but that phrase in quotes.  This is especially handy when searching error codes.

Example Search: “Search for this phrase only”

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screen-captureTorrent sites, don’t possess the actual files they just tell people where they are; or atleast that was the argument ThePirateBay put up.  However it was argued that Google removes pirated content and it isn’t nearly as easy to find with it.  Think that’s true? Well think again, with a little google-fu we can make it show us exactly what we want.  Check out this Google Custom Search, it makes it just as easy if not easier to find that torrent you want.

Think that’s bad? With even more google-fu you can have it look for places where the files are hosted so not only can you find torrents but actual files!

What’s next? Are we going to get in trouble for telling people it is possible to pirate stuff?

Want to create your own google custom search? Check here.

Comments No Comments » you’ve ever browsed the forums, you may have noticed that many of the questions asked there can be solved by a simple Google search. But you can’t just outright tell them to stop bothering you and Google it, can you?

Let Me Google That For You is a brilliant webtool which will help you create a passive aggressive response to that person asking you the lyrics to a popular song. Just insert your search Query into the familiar Google UI and click Generate. The user will be redirected to a page which explains to them, step by step, how to do a Google Search. After taking them through it they will be redirected to their Google results page.

Whats that? How does a Ninja reheat rice in a Microwave?

Let Me Google That For You!

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