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iphone-ringtonesWant to have a large variety of ringtones? But can’t see paying more for a 30 second snippet of a song than the full song?  Did you know you can create your own ring tones in just minutes with Audacity?

  1. Open Up iTunes & Audacity.
  2. Find the song you wish to use in iTunes and right click and select “Show in…”
  3. This will show you where the actual file is, drag that into Audacity.
  4. Highlight about 30 seconds of the song you wish to use as a ring tone.
  5. Copy the selection by going to Edit > Copy
  6. Create a New File: File > New
  7. Paste your selection: Edit > Paste
  8. Optional: You may want to fade the ringtone in and/or out.  To do this highlight the first or last 5 seconds of the song and go to Tools > Fade in(or fade out).
  9. Export this song as a M4A.
  10. Go to where you saved this song and rename the files extension(.m4a) to a .m4r.
  11. Double click the file and it should play it in iTunes and store it in your ringtones section.

If you are presented with a “cannot find library” type error message when exporting:

  1. Either go to Audacity> Preferences(mac) or File > Preferences(win).
  2. Click on Libraries
  3. Download the FFmpeg library (click button)
  4. Follow the instructions on their website to install.
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Have you ever wanted to save an audio from online radio stations, myspace, etc? Well here is a quick and dirty way of recording the sound comming from your speakers! It works on windows, macs and linux but the good doesn’t stop there! The software to do it is 100% free.

Needed Software:



  1. Open up Audacity
  2. Near the upper right of audacity there is a drop down box i believe Microphone is the default option, however it may also say Stereo Mix, Phone, Line In, Aux, Microphone, or CD Player.
  3. Click on this box and select Stereo Mix, this is basically telling it to grab what is coming out of your speakers.
  4. Now is a good time to close all applications you aren’t using such as AIM, Gtalk, Facebook, etc. This is because we are going to grab all sound coming from the speakers,so if you are recording an online radio and got an IM. That IM sound would be in your recording, talk about annoying.
  5. Click on the record button it is the big red circle, next to the play button(green triangle).
  6. Start the audio you wish to be recorded.
  7. Click on the stop button(red square)
  8. When your done save it by going to File and then Export as wav . you may also choose Export as mp3, the mp3 option will leave you with a smaller file size.


  • You can trim/cut out pieces of the audio by highlighting it and pressing delete. If you realize you cut out to much just press ctrl+z to undo.

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Most of the time when you record audio yourself, you will get some additional white noise. This can be very annoying at times especially if you were recording something that would be played loud such as a song. However you can remove a good amount of that white noise for free and it only takes a few minutes!

Software Required


  1. Launch Audacity and open up the sound file you wish to remove the white noise from.
  2. Find a spot in the recording where there is no sound except the white noise, you will want atleast 2 seconds. The sound wave will be very small at this part.
  3. Zoom in and navigate to that spot, to zoom in go to View in the menu bar and select zoom.
  4. Now highlight the portion of the sound wave which has only the white noise.
  5. Go to Effect > Noise Removal
  6. Click on Get Noise Profile
  7. Now select the portion of the wave you want to remove the noise from, if it’s the entire file you can go to Edit > Select > All
  8. Go back to Effect > Noise Removal
  9. Now select get noise, give it a few moments and click play and sample the new audio.
  10. You can save the file by going to File > Export As…
  • If the noise is not gone: to Edit > Undo Noise Removal, navigate back to Effects > Noise Removal and move the slider to the right and try again. If you move it all the way to the right and its still there you will need to start over and select a different portion of the “noise profile” mentioned in steps 2-6
  • If you removed other noises besides just the noise go to Edit > Undo Noise Removal, and move the slier to the left and try again. If you move it all the way to the left and its still there you will need to start over and select a different portion of the “noise profile” mentioned in steps 2-6


  • If recording yourself or a phonecall, wait 5 seconds after you hit record and give it some time after you hit stop.  This will give you large samples to eliminate the white noise in the future.  If the noise is not present you can just trim it out

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