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First things first, iPhone Unlock Users do not upgrade via iTunes to 3.1.2; this will kill the baseband and you will not be able to unlock.  You can use the dev teams pwnagetool.

Jailbreak: Download/Execute BlackRa1n, click the logo of your OS to download. May want to install Cydia via BlackRa1n app.

Unlock: Install Sn0w via blackra1n app.

Tether: Unlock device, go to on iphone and tap install.

If Issues with WiFi, GPS, or YouTube come up after unlocking with Blacksn0w. Go to Settings > General > Reset> and hit “Reset Network Settings”. Once that’s complete, do a hard power cycle by holding the sleep/home button for a few seconds and then sliding the on-screen power toggle.

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My apologies for the incredibly long downtime, about 36 hours.  It was out of my hands, it seemed to be a problem with the Datacenter that this server is hosted in.  The server is located in another country(UK), so it does make it a bit hard to communicate with them.  Hope you didn’t miss us too much and again sorry for any inconvenience.

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images*Be Warned: This may increase your time spent on youtube*

Developers often hide little Easter eggs or keep “under development” features hidden within the site. Here is a particularly cool one which is pretty hard to explain. It puts your video in a bubble and if you move your mouse over the bubble you can play the video or it will expand the related videos. I’m not sure how else to explain it so why not try it yourself?

“Normal” URL
“Warped” URL

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Ever want to create your own bots?  Well the “hello world” to the bot world is generally anti-afk bots, they don’t do anymore than make it appear the user is at the computer.  This won’t be too advanced as we are just going to be using ‘apple script’, a “real bot” would generally hook into the actual program and interface with it directly and not the keyboard.  However this is a very good place to start.

First you must open “Script Editor” on your mac and then you can paste this code in the top window.

repeat 100 times
tell application “System Events”
tell application “World of Warcraft” to activate
key code 49
end tell
delay (random number from 30 to 90)
end repeat

There you have it,all you need to do is open up WoW, log in and click run in script editor, I don’t recommend overusing this macro as players may report you if you are doing it all day in battlegrounds.  And you can get banned, however if you just use it every once and a while while you take a shower or go eat; i doubt you will be banned.  However use at your own risk, there is always the chance.

Curious how it works?  Here’s an explanation.

  • First we are setting up a loop, in this case it will perform everything until “end repeat” 100 times.
  • Next we let the command know we are going to be sending “System Events” to the application “World of Warcraft”.  This basically ensures your WoW window has focus, so it will send the goods to the correct program.
  • After the program is open, we are going to press the space bar.  If you want to send text, you can use the “Keystroke” syntax; however special keys such as space and enter can be a bit tricky.  Use this program to get a listing of key codes: Full Key Codes
  • Ok now to look atleast a little human, lets wait a random number of seconds between 30 and 90 before we do anything else.

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Before you can begin programming, you must first understand the logic and terminology.  Pseudocode, is a great place to start; the code is not functional however it is very easy to read and can be converted to other languages.   Once you understand Pseudocode it will be possible to teach yourself real languages from source code.   Hopefully the wiki page on Pseudocode will make sense to you, after reading the terminology.   As always google is a great place to learn and hopefully with the correct terminology you will be able to find what you need. However if you have any questions, don’t be shy to ask us here


  • Syntax: The actual code behind a variable.
  • Variable: A keyword that links to a value stored in the computers memory.  You will assign the “keyword” ex Site=””.
  • String:  A “Text” variable, assign the variable to this if you wish it to act as text.
  • Int: A “Integer” variable, assign the variable to this if you wish to perform arithmetic’s.
  • Sub/Function: This is a set of instructions that will not be executed until called upon directly in the code.
  • If..Then: A conditional statement, If value = true then do this.  You may expand with an else statement for if it does not equal true.  Other statements are else if, or, and
  • Loops: Run a set of commands X times, the most common loop is a “For Loop” another popular one is the “Do While”

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iphone-ringtonesWant to have a large variety of ringtones? But can’t see paying more for a 30 second snippet of a song than the full song?  Did you know you can create your own ring tones in just minutes with Audacity?

  1. Open Up iTunes & Audacity.
  2. Find the song you wish to use in iTunes and right click and select “Show in…”
  3. This will show you where the actual file is, drag that into Audacity.
  4. Highlight about 30 seconds of the song you wish to use as a ring tone.
  5. Copy the selection by going to Edit > Copy
  6. Create a New File: File > New
  7. Paste your selection: Edit > Paste
  8. Optional: You may want to fade the ringtone in and/or out.  To do this highlight the first or last 5 seconds of the song and go to Tools > Fade in(or fade out).
  9. Export this song as a M4A.
  10. Go to where you saved this song and rename the files extension(.m4a) to a .m4r.
  11. Double click the file and it should play it in iTunes and store it in your ringtones section.

If you are presented with a “cannot find library” type error message when exporting:

  1. Either go to Audacity> Preferences(mac) or File > Preferences(win).
  2. Click on Libraries
  3. Download the FFmpeg library (click button)
  4. Follow the instructions on their website to install.
YouTube Preview Image

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