About Us

We are a crew of extremely uber and irritated ninjas. Why are we irritated you ask? Well people have asked us many questions, and being the nice people we are we answer them. However we are looking at our assassination reports and they are quite low because of all the time we spend answering questions. Thus we used our famous ninjitsu to create a place where we share our answers with everyone, killing off the repetitive questions!

Check out what our kin over at Attack of the Show have to say about us. Episode was aired 8/30/07.

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Head Ninja’s:

Ipp – Senior Ninja [Email]
Java – Associate Ninja [Email]
Corbin – Ninja

Ninja Tutorialist:
Anthony H. (AKA – AnimeArtist4her)
Phil D (AKA – DeathShadow391)

Old Inactive Tutorialist
Brian Miller
Daniel I.
Joshua Rodriguez
Matt S.
Nick L.
Ryan Armstrong

Ninja Videoist:

Kaleb Fowler

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Please link the tutorial in your question. You may go to the questions section of our forums to view any question answered, including yours!