Before you can begin programming, you must first understand the logic and terminology.  Pseudocode, is a great place to start; the code is not functional however it is very easy to read and can be converted to other languages.   Once you understand Pseudocode it will be possible to teach yourself real languages from source code.   Hopefully the wiki page on Pseudocode will make sense to you, after reading the terminology.   As always google is a great place to learn and hopefully with the correct terminology you will be able to find what you need. However if you have any questions, don’t be shy to ask us here


  • Syntax: The actual code behind a variable.
  • Variable: A keyword that links to a value stored in the computers memory.  You will assign the “keyword” ex Site=””.
  • String:  A “Text” variable, assign the variable to this if you wish it to act as text.
  • Int: A “Integer” variable, assign the variable to this if you wish to perform arithmetic’s.
  • Sub/Function: This is a set of instructions that will not be executed until called upon directly in the code.
  • If..Then: A conditional statement, If value = true then do this.  You may expand with an else statement for if it does not equal true.  Other statements are else if, or, and
  • Loops: Run a set of commands X times, the most common loop is a “For Loop” another popular one is the “Do While”

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