iphone-ringtonesWant to have a large variety of ringtones? But can’t see paying more for a 30 second snippet of a song than the full song?  Did you know you can create your own ring tones in just minutes with Audacity?

  1. Open Up iTunes & Audacity.
  2. Find the song you wish to use in iTunes and right click and select “Show in…”
  3. This will show you where the actual file is, drag that into Audacity.
  4. Highlight about 30 seconds of the song you wish to use as a ring tone.
  5. Copy the selection by going to Edit > Copy
  6. Create a New File: File > New
  7. Paste your selection: Edit > Paste
  8. Optional: You may want to fade the ringtone in and/or out.  To do this highlight the first or last 5 seconds of the song and go to Tools > Fade in(or fade out).
  9. Export this song as a M4A.
  10. Go to where you saved this song and rename the files extension(.m4a) to a .m4r.
  11. Double click the file and it should play it in iTunes and store it in your ringtones section.

If you are presented with a “cannot find library” type error message when exporting:

  1. Either go to Audacity> Preferences(mac) or File > Preferences(win).
  2. Click on Libraries
  3. Download the FFmpeg library (click button)
  4. Follow the instructions on their website to install.
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