010906receiptThe importance of saving receipts is one of the things majority of the population learns the hard way.  Ever have a product break and didn’t bother returning it as you lost the receipt?  Or even worse, it’s tax time and you are one of those people who are getting randomly audited.  Even if you do save your receipts, finding the correct one can be like finding a needle in a Hay Stack.

Well thanks to your Cell Phone and Email, you can create digital copies anywhere you are and have file them electronically in chronological order!

What You Need:

  • Picture Phone and ability to send Emails (you may send email via MMS however if you aren’t unlimited it may cost you)
  • Gmail Account.

Still confused? Here’s how.

Doing this is simple; just create a label and filter for Receipts in gmail, the filter should have the following settings:

From: (address you are sending from)
Has the Word: Receipt
Has Attachment: Checked

Now that your gmail account is set up, take a picture of any receipt and email it to yourself with the word Receipt anywhere in the email(subject or message).  Gmail will automatically place this in the category for receipts.

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