images-11Gmail Labels, are a great way to keep your email inbox organized. A label will act like a folder and the filter will automatically put emails into that folder.

Create Label

  1. Login to Gmail account
  2. There are buttons in the upper middle, click “Labels”; it is on the same level as the “Inbox” link just to the right.
  3. Click “Manage Labels”
  4. In the box where it says “Create New Label” type your label name and click create
  5. The “Show, Hide, Remove” links will show/hide your labels on the left side of the gmail screen and remove will delete the label.

Create Filter

  1. Click “Create a filter” located near the top middle of your screen.
  2. Enter information that you want to automatically do actions with (such as move to label, mark as read, or delete).
  3. You may click Test Search to scan your current mail and ensure only things you want to match actually do match (You have the option to actually perform these actions on old mail on the next screen)
  4. Once you are sure you like this filter click next step.
  5. Using the check boxes click the actions you wish to do.
  6. Click “create filter”
  7. If you ever want to edit/delete the filter click on “Show current filters” on the lower left of the “filter screen”

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