frugalI’m sure you all have heard how expensive smoking is right?  Well a trip out to dinner is the equivalent to a pack of cigarettes so these numbers are equally equatable.   The average American will grab fast food 2.3 times a week (Science Daily), which totals 120 trips a year.  Lets say you each trip is $6; that totals about 720/y just on fast food, do you go more than 2 times a week?  Well than your total will be above $1000/y.

I know you still need to eat; well cooking is a very cost saving skill, the average “cooker” will spend $4-$7 per day on food (NYTimes).  It will also take extra time out of your day, which means there is less time for you to be bored!  The benefits don’t stop there; you will lose weight and it can be a very attractive trade skill.

Some “Frugal Foods”

  • Ramen Soup (May not be the healthiest, but man is it cheap and delicious)
  • Rice (You’d be amazed with how cheap rice is!)
  • Water(Not bottled, spending $2+ a day on soda is not only expensive but very unhealthy.)
  • Beans (Chili can be an appetizing and cheap meal to make, throw in cut up hot dogs for “meat”.)
  • Oatmeal (Definitely not my favorite but besides from growing your own food this is one of the cheapest options)

Saving $700-$1000 over  a year time may not seem like much; but a 5 day cruise is under $500, so saving money isn’t your game; think about it as getting an all-expense paid vacation.

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