images-2Digital Photo’s have data hidden within them that has copious amounts of data about the photo, this data is called Exif data.  Most devices with GPS capabilities will throw the GPS location into the photo aswell.  This data can easily be pulled with any exif data viewer, however I will be using a “Command Line Utility” for this guide as it will work on any Operating System.  Feel free to google your own tool if this utility is too hard to use.

  1. Download Exiftool here
  2. Open up a terminal
  3. type: exiftool “path of photo here”
  4. Record the GPS Latitude and Longitude location

The iPhone throws data in “Degrees Minutes Seconds” format, for google maps to show you will need to convert it into “Decimal Degrees”.   You can always use online tools to convert it into DD, or you can do it by hand:

DMS Example: X deg Y’ Z” N

DMS -> DD: X + Y/60 + Z/3600.  (North & East = positive, South & West = negative)

Once you have the DMS Coordinates just input that into google maps and see where it was taken!  If it shows you in another country, remember, North & East = Positive, South & West = Negative!

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