images-1If you are starting to get tired of the plain old mac theme, you can change it! All you need is the excellent freeware program Magnifique. You can create your own themes (expect a tutorial on how to make themes later), or download free osx themes directly from the app. There is also an entire forum dedicated to themeing and skinning your mac. Files found on the forum can also be downloaded and imported into Magnifique.

  1. Download and Install Magnifique (
  2. Look through the themes in the “Available Downloads” section at the bottom left of the program. (I am currently using Veritas Public Beta) Clicking on a theme will display a preview to the right for most themes, but not for all of them. Try downloading and applying all of them until you find one you like.
  3. Now that you have found a theme you like, click “Download Now” just above the preview window
  4. Under the “My Themes” section, click the theme you just installed and click “Apply Now” (where the “Download Now” button used to be)
  5. (optional). You may wish to disable the transparent Menubar. (required to skin the menubar) This is very simple, just click on Magnifique in the Menubar, and click “Enable/Disable Transparent Menubar”.

Enjoy your Mac’s new look! You can get more free osx skins from Magnifique’s website any time, or even create your own!

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