purplera1nThis is the moment we all been waiting for, a fully functional 3.0 jailbreak for the 3GS.  Currently this is windows only, there isn’t much of this software it is from an individual and not the dev-team as they delayed their release of the jailbreak.

What you need

  • Latest Version of iTunes (8.2)
  • iPhone 3GS
  • PurpleRa1n(click windows logo to download)


  1. Ensure iPhone is connected
  2. Run PurpleRa1n, click “Make it ra1n”
    • It will send your iphone into recovery
    • Once it detects recovery it will display the image you see to the right
    • If it is here more than 2 minutes, something wrong happened.  Either copy and paste purplera1n.log (located same directory as purplera1n) to our forums or email it to purplera1n.support[at]gmail[dot]com.
  3. Open the “Freeze” app
  4. Install Cydia
  5. Restart iPhone
  6. I highly recommend you to upgrade cydia once installed, just open it and go to changes and “upgrade all”
  7. Optional: Unlock the iPhone 3GS

[via: iphonejtag]

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