images-2Did you know you can share your computers internet connection with others?  So if your mac has ethernet(cabled) connection, you can create a wireless network.  Or if your MAC has a wireless connection you could share with an ethernet connection(useful for game systems!)

How To:

  1. Open up System Preferences, click the apple in the upper left of your screen and select it.
  2. Under Internet and Network select Sharing
  3. Click on “Internet Sharing” but don’t click the check box yet!
  4. On the Right select where you want to share your connection from and share it to.  Example: Share from Built-in Ethernet to AirPort, will create a wireless network.
  5. Check the check box.


  • If creating a wireless network you will not be able to join any wireless networks until this is disabled, just uncheck the box.
  • If creating a wireless network, before you enable the service you can change the name of the network or even encrypt it via WEP by clicking on “Airport Options”

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