iphone31-7-1-09At 5PM PDT the beta version of 3.1 will go live, however to upgrade to it you will lose: Jailbreak, Unlock, and the Free Tether.  That being said you can always downgrade to get a Jail Break / Tether working however that is not always true for the unlock.  As always we will be posting guides on performing those tasks as soon as we find out how to, so if you want to keep any of those functions DO NOT UPGRADE.

That being said here are the “new features” of 3.1.

  • Voice Control now works over Bluetooth
  • Updated AT&T profile to 4.2 (MMS may now be enabled)
  • Improvements to OpenGL and Quartz.
  • iPhone vibrates when moving icons
  • Non-destructive video editing means trimming a clip no longer saves over the original video but gives you the option to “Save as copy…”
  • APIs to allow third party apps to access videos and edit them.
  • Updated modem firmware to 5.08.01

[via: tuaw]

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