images-11As you may of heard, The Pirate Bay’s ship hasn’t sank but it has been overtaken(bought) by the Global Gaming Factory, they plan to make the site a bit more legal.  The Pirate Bay staff assured us not much would change(link); however if it does this will not stop piracy.  Trackers are like a hydra; kill one head several will grow in its place there are literally hundreds of trackers out there:

Note: Keep in mind most likely piracy is illegal where you live; although chance at prosecution is slim-none, there is a chance.

MiniNova, many trackers appeared after the falling of SuprNova, in our opinion this is the best one that came from that group.  It indexes from other trackers giving it thousands of torrents, the downside? Well every now and then you get a torrent from a private site which will either not download for you or go extremely slow.

Demonoid, is hard to classify it is a “private” tracker meaning only members can use it and the sign ups are closed.  However it isn’t hard to get in they often will open registration up for a day, it is probably the easiest private tracker to get in and can be a doorway into more private ones., currently a very small tracker letting Pirate Bay Users know they are safe here.  Best of all this place has a 24/7 chat and several DJ’s giving it a nice place not only to pirate but hang out.

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