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With the abundance of old iPhones, I am sure you can get a 2G/3G cheap off of a friend, craigslist, or Ebay. Did you know Tmobile has an unlimited data plan that can cost $10 every 3 months? You can get this plan easily with an iPhone by jail breaking and unlocking it!

Benefits Over the iTouch

  • Internet everywhere. Not just at hot spots.
  • Ability to tether the iPhone to your Computer/Laptop for a slow but usable connection to the internet anywhere! Guide Here.
  • Using a VoIP App and TextFree, can give you a very cheap calling/texting plan.

Things to Know:

  • If you use the voice it will cost 15 cents. So don’t answer or make a call and you will be fine.
  • Only Edge will work, so disable 3G.
  • You may use the app “TextFree” for text messaging.
  • You are pay as you go, not a contract. Worse they can do is cancel your account not bill you an absurd amount of money and you can just open a new account!
  • You can run out of money on your account but their terms will leave you active for up to 90 days. Terms:

    Service is available for 90 days (one year for $100 refill cards) following activation. Void if not activated within 90 days from purchase. If you don’t refill within 90 days after your last refill expiration date, you will lose your account.

How To:

  1. Purchase a Tmobile sim card online here
  2. Activate the SIM card as a Tmobile Sidekick Plan ($1 / day)
  3. Get an iPhone 2G or 3G, sorry there is no way to unlock a 3GS yet.
  4. Jail Break your iPhone, guide here
  5. Unlock your iPhone, guide here
  6. Place your Tmobile sim card in the iPhone, by inserting a paperclip in the small hole in the top of your iPhone, a compartment will pop out with your current sim.


  • People seem to be confused how it’s $10 for up to 3 months on a $1/day plan. When your account balance is $0, only your pay as you go features(voice/SMS) are effected. Data should remain working until your account is terminated. Tmobile may take this little “exploit” away once it becomes abused, however even if they did a buck a day sure beats AT&T’s price.

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