NOTE: This guide will not work for the iPhone 3GS

This guide will use redsn0w to jailbreak your iDevice, unfortunately the iPhone 3GS is not supported yet.  This will wipe all your data on the device, so please sync it with iTunes before you begin to back it all up.  Once Jail Broken you can run custom apps that the App Store denied and run pirated applications.

I know we did a guide a few days ago on Jailbreaking the iPhone, however that does not work on Windows or with the iTouch 2G.  This one will!

What You Need


  1. Find out the generation of your iDevice.
    • iTouch Information here.
    • iPhone users: If your phone is plastic you have the 3G, if it is metal you have the 2G.
  2. Download the appropriate firmware from here.  It will begin with your model and end in “3.0/7A341″
  3. Launch Redsnow.
  4. Click Browse
  5. Locate the firmware that you downloaded.
  6. Select both Cydia & Icy, Click Next
  7. Plug your iDevice in.
  8. Turn your iDevice off.
  9. Click Next
  10. Follow the on screen instructions exactly to put the iDevice in DFU mode. And it’s smooth sailing from here!

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