iphone_pirate_2The dev-team has release PwnageTool for OS X. PwnageTool is a reliable but tedious process to jail break your iDevice. The process for PwnageTool is simple, it patches the firmware installer from iTunes and when you Restore your device it will use a patched version of the firmware installer, which then jailbreaks the phone.

Expect the infamous QuickPwn and Windows alternatives to be released in the next few days.  When they are we will have a guide up ASAP.
What You Need

  • Mac OS X
  • PwnageTool
  • Any iDevice except iPhone 3GS or 2nd gen iTouch.


  1. Plug in your iDevice
  2. Open PwnageTool
  3. Select your Device
  4. It’s going to find your firmware file, give it a minute and click on the firmware file.
  5. Follow on screen instructions and it will create the patched firmware file.
  6. Once it finishes creating the patched firmware it will present you with a few instructions to put your phone in “DFU Mode”
  7. Open itunes, if your iDevice is not there unplug and plug in the usb cable.
  8. Select your iDevice from the devices menu, it will pop up a message saying you need to restore the phone.
  9. While holding ALT click restore
  10. Select the .ipsw file on your desktop and it will begin jailbreaking your device!
  11. Once the JailBreak is finished, I advise you to sync your iDevice back with your computer.  All data will be gone until it is sync’d.

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