What does tethering mean for your iPhone? Tethering will give you the ability to give your Computer/Laptop internet from your iPhone’s data plan(via iPhone cable or bluetooth)!

Beware this is can potentially void your contract with your cellular provider and cause them to terminate your contract.  We do not condone these types of acts, but also do not condone of cellular providers “charging” for features that are already there.  Sure it does put more strain on their network but they also overcharge for Text Messaging.  Yes I know I’m just making a BS reason to morally justify this.

Anyways enabling tethering is as simple as editing a configuration file on your iPhone, wait no it’s simpler we will provide you the “edited” configuration file.

At any point do you “mess up” you can always restore your iPhone via iTunes, we do not see any potential way you can cause irreparable damage.

There are reports of this breaking MMS and Visual Voicemail depending on carrier so be sure to test after performing this, if it disables you can:

  • Restore, and lose tethering
  • Ignore and accept it as a “trade-off” we think its worth it.
  • Let us know, be sure to let us know your country and carrier and maybe we can fix the mobile config file!

The How To

  1. On iPhone navigate to http://help.benm.at/
  2. Select “MobileConfigs”
  3. Select your Country
  4. Select your Carrier
  5. Install the profile
  6. On your iPhone go to: Settings -> General -> Network -> Internet Tethering
  7. Enable Internet Tethering, we recommend using USB Tethering in order to save your battery life.
  8. Connect your iPhone and hopefully all configuration will be automatically done for you!


  • Most mobile data plans have a limit of 5GB until your account is flagged.  By not downloading large files and avoiding p2p applications(torrent,limewire,etc.) you should remain under the radar.
  • I have done this over wifi(no reception) and it did not work.  To ensure this works please go to the website over your Edge/3G connection.
  • If having trouble disable wifi before you begin, and enable it once your done.  “Settings > Wi-Fi”

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