imagesI’m sure you all know about the iPhone 3GS that is destined to launch June 19th, basically it’s the same phone with better components.  Apple is still selling the current 3G for $99, as this upgrade is mainly just a speed upgrade.  They slated the phone(32gb) to cost $299, with a new 2 year contract.  However AT&T’s fine print reads:

If you are “a valued AT&T customer,” AT&T offers an “early iPhone upgrade with a new 2-yr commitment and an $18 upgrade fee.” The price? $399.00 for the 16GB iPhone 3G S and $499.00 for the 32GB iPhone 3G S (gizmodo)

This makes the price of a *upgrading* an iphone to be $518(phone & upgrade fee).  However if one should cancel AT&T for $175 and pay a $35 activation fee, they could get the phone for ~$510.

It’s only an $8 difference, but what the fuck AT&T shouldn’t you be giving a discount to people upgrading? As they are your enslaved loyal customers.

There better be some sort of typo or miss-communication here.  Assuming the “upgraders” have to pay $200 extra on an iPhone it appears to be cheaper to cancel and buy a new phone.

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