imagesEver have difficulty finding your answer on google? And have other people find it within seconds? Well they may be using special operators(characters) to tweak their searches!  In our case an operator is a character one will put before a word they are google’ing.  It is very important you do not put a space in between the operator and word!

+Force google to include a word

Google may exclude some words and abbreviations from a your search.  It may be wise to put a + before abbreviations and broad words(the,and, an, I, etc).  If you really do want to include them.

Example Search: +The Onion

-Don’t search for a word.

Did you know you can have google take away results based upon words?  For instance if you want to do a search about Dolphins but don’t want to hear about football just put a -Football in your search!

Example Search: Dolphins -Football

~Similar Words

Could your word be used in more than one way? Such as Cheap can mean; inexpensive, low cost, and affordable.  Or Tutorial can mean guide, help, and tips?  Well put a ~ before the word and it will search the synonyms too!

Example Search: Google ~tutorial

..Searching Ranges

This one is pretty unique, it is purely for searching a range of numbers. This is most used in years and prices. The below search term will search all pages about the American revolution that have any number between 1700 and 1800 in them.

Example Search: American Revolution 1700..1800

Quoting Verbatim

This is not an operator but a very important, if one wants google to search for an exact phrase but that phrase in quotes.  This is especially handy when searching error codes.

Example Search: “Search for this phrase only”

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