chuckvsfootlong-300x212TV Fans are definitely unique, when Jericho got canceled in 2007 fans sent a whopping 20 tons of peanuts to CBS Headquarters. Jay Leno, is getting moved to 10pm which is making big shifts in showtimes, and bumping shows off, unfortunately Chuck is on the top of the “bump list”.  However the star of the show, Zachary Levi, did something pretty cool; he rounded up  about 600 people and headed to Subway(their biggest advertiser). He didn’t just stop at buying a sub, he hopped behind the counter and helped make subs for the 600 fans that came out! I think the fan-made video captures the spirit of this more, however it is bad quality so here is a link to a professional version; for your convenience it will skip about a minute and 40 seconds which is where the fan video below ends.

Want to help save it? Buy a sub from subway and fill out a comment card letting them know your doing it for Chuck!  If you have no clue what we are talking about, go out and buy the first season or watch Season 2 online for free @NBC.

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