Ever want to download a youtube file? Well you could use the KICKyoutube service previously mentioned or you could just download it yourself!  Youtube has a “secret script” since its recent push to HD Videos that will allow users to pull back the mp4 version of the video.  The URL looks like: http://www.youtube.com/get_video?video_id=<ID HERE>&t=<SIGNATURE HERE>&fmt=18(22 if HD)

Editing the link by hand is a very messy procedure so do yourself a favor and just drag and drop this link – – to your firefox (or Safari) link bar right below the URL.  Or if you are using Opera/IE book mark it by right clicking and adding it to your favorites.  Once bookmarked whenever you are on a youtube page you may just click the bookmark and a download will automatically start!

The magic behind this is javascript the actual code is:


What this is doing is first checking if the page it a youtube video page.  That part is in blue.  The real magic begins with the second part (in red) this is pulling variables(green) from the youtube page.  If you go to the youtube video page and View the “Page Source”, you will see that isHDAvailable is defined as a variable, aswell as swfArgs['video_id'], and swfArgs['t'].

What’s even cooler is that YouTube is starting to show TV Shows and this works on full length tv shows aswell!  So if you hate torrents and YouTube has what your looking for, you got a high speed decent quality download!

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