Have you ever ran into the problem when you can’t connect to the internet, so you look at your IP Address and you see a 169.254.x.x IP Address?   You can thank APIPA (Automatic Private IP Addresing) for this.  What happens is your computer needs to start up the TCP/IP stack, but it can’t do this without and IP Address.  It attempts to get one from DHCP and if that fails then it loads up the non-routable APIPA address.  It does this so that TCP/IP can load and you can begin your troubleshooting.  The APIPA scope is from to  When I said it is a non-routable address, this means that you can not route from this network to any other network.  If you had two computers on the same APIPA network, they would be able to communicate though.

Now for a question for you techies that I will solve in a later tutorial; what class of IP Addresses is this range in?

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