how-to-hang-toilet-paper-4I didn’t know there was a right or a wrong way to hang toilet paper, however apparently you are suppose to hand it so it unrolls in a clockwise fashion.  According to Gunaxin this improves the line of sight, paper and tear position, and the tear result.  Check out this site for a complete pictorial on how and why this is the best way to hang toilet paper!  So if you have OCD company over, hang your toilet paper the right way, or look like a fool.  Now if only someone did a guide like this on how to throw toilet paper..

[Via: Gunaxin]

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One Response to “The “Right” Way to Hang Toilet Paper”
  1. Dietrich says:

    I appreciate your scientific approach to this important subject. The clockwise version to hang toilet paper sounds really good and convincing, unless you look at the toilet paper roll from the other side. Suddenly it is wrong and bad because it turns left.
    I consider two scientific undisputable solutions for this problem:

    1. Don’t use toilet paper at all, just look at it. Go beyond the limited belief that you need toilet paper. There may be, though, another problem with this first solution: Which hand is the good one and which hand is the bad one?

    2. Go and get a commercial toilet paper facility where the papers are individually folded and are released one by one. The only problem to be dealt with is the question: Which side of the released paper is the right side? As this is an additional problem for the roll as well, I am definitely against the roll.

    Conclusion: Perhaps we should avoid pooing and just wee. From an economic point of view this is the ideal solution. The money that we would have normally spent on food could go straight away towards my global non-for-profit organization that has supported this research. My account number is 1234567890. Thank you.

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