This is one of the fastest paced drinking games out there. This game involves no skill, brainpower, etc. it is just plain out fun. All you need is 3 people(or more) and a deck of cards.


  • Deal the entire deck face down out to everyone playing, no one can look at their cards
  • Player will flip over the top card, rotation goes clockwise.
  • If the neighboring card matches your suit everyone connected drinks.

When Suit is Matched

  • Everyone in the “chain of same suits” will drink for the number on their card(2=2, ace=14).
  • Everyone out of the chain will count in a clockwise pattern up to the highest number.

During the Count

  • If a person messes up counting then they will finish the remaining numbers of the highest person, everyone but them counts.
  • If a person finishes their drink before the countdown finishes, then the person who was suppose to say the next number drinks the remaining number of the highest card.

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