Some three years ago we wrote an article about how to record music off the Pandora intenet service. A quick background about the service might help answer some questions you have:

Pandora is an automated music recommendation service that plays the music you want to hear.

That’s the bottom line, and really all you need to know about it. Should you want more info, go visit the Pandora wiki.

Today, we bring you a new, surefire method, of capturing those sweet melodies to your computers hard drive for later listening!

What You Need:

Background Information:

The setup and use of PandoraSaver is rather straight-forward. PandoraSaver is configured to use a combination of applications: Fiddler- a HTTP debugger to find the location of the songs your listening to, and PortableFirefox – to use in coordination with Fiddler, pre-configured for ripping. Together, these applications tweaked and working together, form PandoraSaver. We found a few tips that get PandoraSaver running just the way most people would like to… so we will include those in here. Here we go!

The Process:

  1. Download the .NET Framework and install it if you haven’t already.
  2. Download PandoraSaver from the link above, then install it.
    1. At the end of the installer, you will be prompted with two checkboxes. Launch Install Flash and Launch Install Settings for Fiddler2. You won’t need to install Flash if any only if you have a copy of Firefox already installed, with Flash support. If you are unsure about this, install it anyways.
    2. Once you click Finish, the installer attempts to install a registry file. A message will popup asking if your sure you want to add the registry file. Click ‘Yes’, then ‘Ok’. Now your setup!
    3. In your Start Menu (or Desktop), open up “Pandora Saver (standalone)”. Fiddler will open, then PortableFirefox will open.
      1. We strongly suggest you setup PandoraSaver with the following:
      2. Make PandoraSaver only record songs you “Thumbs Up”. To do this: Open Fiddler (in your system tray), click ‘Pandora Saver’ in the menu’s at the top and go to ‘Settings’. Check the box “Only download thumbs-up songs” and press ‘Ok’.
      3. Performing the above will avoid PandoraSaver from downloading every song you listen to. This is useful to only save the songs you like. (Hence, thumbs-up!)
    4. Your setup, and good to go! Enjoy your high-quality music, at no cost! By default, your music is saved to: C:\PandoraFox\MP3\ in “\Artist\Track.mp3″ format.


Like all new products, services, and what have you- some will encounter issues. So here, we have this section just for that!

Problem: Firefox loads and says “Page Cannot Load” (or something along those lines).
Solution: Click on the “Try Again” button once you notice Fiddler has loaded.

Problem: Fiddler fails to work. It constantly freezes/crashes.
Solution: In Fiddler, click the ‘Filters’ tab. Check the box next to ‘Use Filters’. Scroll to the bottom, then check the box next to ‘Keep only the most recent’.

If your problem isn’t listed here, visit our Forums and ask the question there!

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