ffmpegxDo you hate downloading videos and having them broken up in multiple files?  Well using ffmpegx on OS X you can join almost any two video files; one would find on the internet.  Just be warned this process can take longer than you expect to join some files, but it should never last longer then an hour.

Installing ffmpegx and codecs.

  1. Download it from here
  2. Open the dmg and drop the ffmpegx into a folder, such as your applications.
  3. Open ffmpegx and in the title bar(upper left of your screen) click ffmpegX and click on install binaries.
  4. Now it has 3 links, download each file and then click locate and locate the file you downloaded for it.
  5. Ensure all boxes
  6. Enter your OS X password and click install.

Joining the Videos

  1. Open FFMpegX and click on tools (its on the right side upper middle)
  2. A new row of buttons will come up below that click on “Join”
  3. Now you can drag and drop the first half of the movie in the first text box
  4. Do the same with the second movie to the second text box.
  5. Click Join, and it will create a new file of the two files joined.

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