you’re getting a little tired with your windows theme, you’re not the only one. Don’t you wish you could use anybody’s theme? There are a lot of talented designers out there and it’s likley that one of their themes will catch your eye. Sadly, windows isn’t designed to let you use just any theme. So to get the full range of theme options, you will need to do some patching, which I will explain below.

Patching Your System

  1. Make a System Restore Point (if you don’t know how to so this, see the Microsoft Help Page.)
  2. Download theme patcher software
    • Windows Vista: Download the VistaGlazz program to patch your system. (Note: If you have installed Vista SP1 you will need to download VistaGlazz Beta 1.1 as 1.0 will mess up your SP1 system.
    • Windows XP: Download Uxtheme Multi-Patcher and run the program. When installed, restart the system.

Finding/Adding new Themes

  1. Find a theme that you want to use. A good place to look is deviantART.
  2. Extract the theme’s .zip file to the Desktop.
  3. The folder that you must move the files to is C:/windows/resources/themes extract the .theme file to this folder (not in it’s own subfolder.
  4. Move the .msstyles file into it’s own subfolder in /themes/. This folder name needs to match the .msstyles file (so exampletheme.msstyles would need to be in /themes/exampletheme/) Capitalization matters!
  5. If the theme came with a ShellStyle.dll it must be in a new subfolder themes/exampletheme/shell.
  6. Under the themes tab, choose your newly installed theme. If you cant see it check to see if you followed all of the steps and named the files correctly.

And you’re done! This patch enables any 3rd party windows theme. Here are some great themes to get you started. Happy modding!

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