Muay Thai FightingMuay Thai… its name translates as “land of the free”, and it’s given birth to one of the most distinctive, and devastating martial arts. The place, Thailand, is known for this spectacular fighting style, Muay Thai. Take a journey with me, and explore the ancient temples, mysterious jungle camps, and rugged fighting pits of this exotic land, in a quest to uncover the secrets and culture of Muay Thai.

Anyone learning about the world’s martial arts should start here, in Bangkok, Thailand. The capitol city of what used to be known as the “Kingdom of Siam”, Bangkok is literally the hottest city in the world. Famous for its Buddhist temples, and it’s sex trade, it is home to tens of thousands of some very tough fighters, all trained in the Thai fighting art, Muay Thai.

Known as the science of eight limbs, Muay Thai uses almost the entire body as a weapon. Trained to use their fists, like western boxers, Muay Thai fighters also rely on bone crushing kicks, and two strikes almost unique to Muay Thai, the knee, and the elbow. This combination of attacks makes Muay Thai a uniquely dangerous martial art. Though the history of Muay Thai is said to date back more than two-thousand years, the first record of this unique Thai fighting style comes from a seven hundred year old scroll, titled “Chiang Mai Am”. According to the annals, in 1411, two Thai princes fought each other in a Muay Thai match for the throne of Siam. In the centuries that followed, the Thais used this very aggressive hand to hand combat style, in their ongoing battles against their traditional enemies, the Burmians.

That same fighting style, Muay Thai, is still a vital part of Thai culture. There are over 65,000 professional fighters in Thailand. To put that into perspective, there are just over 2,900 boxers in the entire United States. Most Muay Thai fighters begin training as young as six. Many Train five to six hours a day, 6 days a week, and start fighting professionally as young as eight years old. All of that work and training is dedicated to one mission; to fight at Lumpini Stadium, in downtown Bangkok Thailand. Lumpini Stadium is the center of Muay Thai, It is the place where every fighter aspires to be.

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  1. Thongdee says:

    Muay Thai name translates as “land of the free”! ?
    It is Meung Thai (Thailand) that means land of the free
    Muay Thai actually translate to Thai Boxing

  2. fear frantic says:

    what was learned from this:
    do not get in a fight in Thailand unless your willing to be hospitalized

  3. Pork in a box says:

    woops! made a small mistake there…

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