iPhone Text MessagingTelecom Companies are charging a ridiculous rate for SMS (text messages) especially when you already have an unlimited data plan.  All a text message is, is data- correct? So, unlimited data should cover it, please let me know if/why I am wrong.

Anyways, with iPhones new 2.0 firmware it’s easier then ever to install applications.  Under the app store there is a free AIM Application, just install this application and login to AIM.

From there you can create a buddy, as the screen name: just put the country code and phone number.  United States country code is +1 so an example screen name would be +12223334444.  You should be able to ‘IM’ that screenname 24/7 and it will send a text to the number and they can reply without your provider every knowing you sent a text!

Be aware that this will count against the individual you message if they do not have any kind of alotted (or unlimited) text messaging plan.

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