Hidden iPhone Button!This is nothing new but perhaps one of the things majority of people do not know, or at least I didn’t. On the right ear bud cable of the iPhone headphone, there is a small plastic piece, many of you know this is a microphone so you can talk on the phone with your headphones.

But, did you know that is also a button to control the built in iPod? If you push it once it will either pause or play, and if you push it twice it will skip to the next track.

So to sum it up your iPhone’s headphones will:

  • Produce sound (Duh!)
  • Record sound
  • Act as a remote to the iPod
  • Answer/End Calls


2 Responses to “Hidden iPhone Remote Built into Headphones”
  1. deathshadow391 says:

    Will the remote function work on the iPod Touch?

  2. Java says:

    unfortunately it will not work on the iPod touch!

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