Credit Cards!Wooh! After all that work, we have ourselves an incredibly modded Credit Card! We have no time to waste, so onto Part 2 of the Credit Card Modification!

The Reaction

The goal here, is to take note of the person I hand the card to. I mean, whats the point of performing this mod if no one will accept your card for transactions?

Well- I would first like to say, out of all my uses of the card so far, not one use of it has been rejected (for the record its been ~10 25+ times so far). In general terms, be sure to expect some reactions. One employee I handed my card to for a purchase looked at me and asked me what kind of card it was. I told them “Just swipe it”, and they did; and it worked. There isn’t much to it!

Anything you would like to say about this 2 Part Modification? Tell us in the comments below or on the Forums. We would love to hear from you! If you peform this mod, maybe you want to take some pictures and post them on the Forums too!

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