Credit Card ModificationMost credit cards contain boring designs. They are plain, simplistic designs, made for the hip-granny of 1980. What so special about some out-dated, overused design? Nothing! That’s why were Ninjas and your not! Well, aside from that fact, today your going to learn the secret ninja tradition of Credit Card Modding! This is a two part tutorial, so here is what we will cover!

  • The Purpose / Objective
  • What You Will Need
  • The Steps to Perform the Modification
  • The Reaction

Lets start off with…

The Purpose / Objective

  • Our goal of doing this is to have totally unique, customized, credit card. Front and back! It might not be the easiest task to accomplish, but were going to do it! Out with those lame designs and in with an awesome one!

What You Will Need

All of the items listed are SPECIFIC. Do not try to cheap-shot by purchasing lower quality items. If you cant find these items mentioned, buy them off the internet. Any substitutions will result in a crappy mod.

  • A Credit Card to Mod
  • 3M Spray Mount (or Elmer’s Craft Bond)
  • X-Acto Knife (or equivalent ULTRA SHARP Razor blade)
  • Printworks Premium T-Shirt Transfer Paper **ONLY THIS KIND! Make sure its PREMIUM!
  • Color printer (to print your design)
  • Adobe Photoshop or GIMP
  • Iron
  • Knitting Needle (Optional)
  • The Credit Card Modification Template (.psd) *Download*

The Steps

Now that you hopefully have everything you need, lets get modding!

  1. Open up Photoshop (or GIMP) and open the PSD template file you downloaded above.
  2. Go scavenge the internet, and find a high quality (at minimum 300 dpi) image to use for your credit card design. Paste in your image and make sure its centered; your really going to need to know how to use Photoshop for this mod.
  3. Now that you’ve got your design ready, print it out once on plain paper (just to make sure it looks right). Once your done with that, print it out on your Premium T-Shirt Transfer Paper. (Be sure your paper is inserted into your Printer tray the proper way! Also be sure when you print, it is printing the image at “Actual Size” and not “Fit to Page”! (Wait ~30 minutes for image to dry!) [View Picture]
  4. Cut the design out of the paper. (Leave extra on the edges. The more extra, the easier it will be to remove later.) (At this time, you should plug in your iron, and turn it on the LOW setting. Mine was just a little higher than ‘Synthetic’.) [View Picture]
  5. Spray your card with Spray Mount. Lets see, at about 13,000 ft in elevation, taking into account air pressure, I sprayed in a gentle (left/right; swipe) motion for about 5 seconds. (In English, don’t put TOO much on. Just make sure the card is covered!)
  6. Carefully peel the back of the Transfer paper off. Then, place the image you just peeled off, onto your card as precisely as possible! Be sure you don’t make any air-bubbles! [View Picture]
  7. Get your card (without touching the image you just placed on it), and place it on a somewhat hard surface (I used wood. It is recommended NOT to use an Ironing board!) Place a sheet of Ironing paper (I think its more like parchment paper– Its included with the T-Shirt Transfers) on top of your credit card. Take your iron and gently ‘cruise’ it around the card- no more than 30 seconds!
  8. Almost done… Just wait about 5 minutes for your card to cool off. After that, flip your card over and take your X-Acto knife and carefully slice away the excess. Try not to put much tension on the iron-on.
  9. Lastly, if your credit card has any kind of embossed letters or numbers, take the knitting needle and carefully push the iron-on paper into the crevices. [View Final Picture]

*Repeat the same process with the back of your card. Be sure to cover the magnetic strip of your card with masking tape, this way, when you spray the card with the Spray Mount, you wont damage your card! [View Picture] After you iron on your design, wait ~5 minutes then take the X-Acto and a ruler and slice away the area near your magnetic strip (then peel away the Masking tape). [View Picture]

Now.. were done with Part 1 of this awesome credit card modification! Part 2 is coming up next!

2 Responses to “The Credit Card Mod: Part 1”
  1. Felda says:

    Awesome! I did not even know that you could MOD your credit card! Instead of using Gimp or Photoshop can I use Paint.NET to form the picture? I do not have Photoshop nor do I have the money to shell out to buy it =[ Where might I acquire the Printworks Premium T-Shirt Transfer Paper?? and when you say iron do you mean Curling Iron?

  2. Java says:

    sure you can use paint net just make sure the image is 300dpi. The paintworks paper can be accquired at AC Moore or riteaid

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