Oh my. Not the Heat Ninjas!Money. As they all say is “What makes the world go round.” Thats great, well, not really for us consumers. As a ninja, I do plenty to keep myself cool. Ninjas run so fast they can never get caught in hot weather. As for now, here are some of my tips, to be more like an “Air Conditioning Ninja”. Or maybe im a Consumer Ninja? I don’t know, you be the judge.

  • Doors
    Close all of the doors in your house. Every room, every cabinet, I don’t care; just close them!
    This makes it harder for the heat ninjas to enter your house.
  • The Temperature
    Lets say, you have the A/C on and its 99 degrees (Fahrenheit that is), outside. You have to run out for an hour, or two, or three. Don’t shut off the A/C! Instead, turn the temperature up 5-10 degrees. This will make the A/C run less, but when you get home you can turn it back down.
  • Air Filter
    These are most often located near the return air duct near the air handler or in a return air grill (or grills). Check these every 30 to 90 days. Having pets may also cause more debris to enter the filter.
  • Floors
    Right now I feel like the guy who sings the “Mr Clean” song. “Doors, Floors, Walls, Halls.. Blap a’ dee blap blah blah.” If your house is more than 1 floor high, ONLY turn on the A/C unit for the floor you are most active on. If you want to save some money, having 1 A/C unit on is better than having 2 (duh!!!). Ok, so my advice- Turn the A/C on upstairs (most often thats where everyone lives), and then leave the kitchen for the heat ninjas to raid. The worst damage they will do is raid your refrigerator.

Ok, so that sums it up! Any other advice for A/C efficency, or storys you would like to share– -theres that small box under this text that has something to do with ‘comments’. Click it and spit out your words. We love to hear ‘em!

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