Power Hungry Consoles!Have you noticed your power bills soaring this year? Your PS3, Xbox, etc. could be one of the many reasons!  According to an Australian consumer agency study: Video game consoles and flat-screen TV’s use an enormous amount of power even when left on standby. According to their test, if you left a PS3 or Xbox on while not in use, it would cost 5x more $$ then your refrigerator!

Our tip to you is cut the power at the source, don’t use standby!  A power strip would definitely pay itself off in no time! That is… if you plug your electronics into it and turn the strip itself off when not in use.

[Power Bills Soaring? Turn off the Playstation! via The New York Times]

2 Responses to “Gaming Consoles are Power Fiends Even When “Off””
  1. Ronnoc says:

    Do nintendo wiis take up aton of power? If so please let me know!

  2. Ronnoc says:

    You should definetley turn those things off now! Thankyou ipp!

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