Starbucks WiFi for FREE!Mhmm… Starbucks coffee! Did you know if you purchase a $5 reloadable gift card at Starbucks and register for the rewards program online, you will have 2 free hours of WiFi per day? Well… that is, as long as you use that card at a minimum of once a month.

Here are some other rewards you get for being apart of the program:

  • Free brewed Coffee Refills!
  • Add Syrup and Milk to your beverage at no additional cost!
  • Buy 1 pound of Coffee Beans and get a tall beverage of your choice free
  • And of course… 2 hours of FREE WiFi each day!
    (This will work for the iPhone, iPod Touch, Laptops- anything that receives a Wireless 802.11B/G Signal)

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  1. Ronnoc says:

    Thats cool, cept for the fact that you have to use your card a minimum of once a month!

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