Sun RiseMany people think mornings just are not for them. In reality, mornings are for everybody, thats why you should get active in this vital part of your day! Thinking that its “Ok” to sleep through Breakfast and Lunch is an unhealthy and unproductive way to live. By making a few changes to your wake-up routine, you too can become a day walker!

  1. Your going to think I’m crazy but ditch the caffeine in the morning.  Caffeine helps keep you awake, you just slept you shouldn’t need help staying awake.
  2. Turn on a light, your body tells time by light not hour. An even better idea would be to take a walk outside.
  3. Get up and become active for at least 10 minutes. If your active for 10 minutes and still want to go to bed, go ahead. Chances are you will not.
  4. Don’t skip Breakfast! You haven’t eaten in hopefully 8 hours, you need to get some energy!
    Fuel yourself with a high-fiber breakfast that includes whole grains, fruit and low-fat protein.
    The reson behind these foods, specifically grains (like oatemeal and whole wheat bread) is that they burn off slower and are healthy for you! Heard the term “Start your day Healthy”?
  5. Drink Water. A cold glass of water or a bottle by your bedside will help you feel refreshed at wake-up! Drink the water - its going to lower your body temperature and make your body start pumpin’ the blood faster again.
  6. Take a shower, not only will it wake you up but it will prepare you to go out!
  7. Reach for the sky! Strech! This loosens up your joints and helps your flexibility. You dont want to feel tense in your daily chores.

If you have any tips for the “Morning Person”, share them with us in the comments!

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