Skippys Peanut ButterPeanut Butter. Its that some-what-tacky spread made from ground peanuts. This basic food product has many other uses than to be smothered on a slice of bread. Here are a few:

  1. Sticky substances? Try to remove them with peanut butter. This works best with the sticky surface that price tags leave behind. It can also be used to help remove glue/silly putty from fabrics. Be sure to use the smooth, and not chunky kind (of peanut butter).
  2. Hide your pets medicine in it - Cats and dogs love it!
  3. Bait mouse traps with it - They like it just as much as cheese and it is harder for them to get the peanut butter without getting caught. Those poor mice don’t stand a chance!
  4. Silly uses - If you get it on the roof of your dogs mouth they may end up trying to lick it off for a good half hour. It’s actually funny the first few times!
  5. A sandwich! You can also add jelly to make the most popular sandwich ever! Peanut butter & Jelly!

If you have any other uses for peanut butter, share them with us in the comments!

5 Responses to “5 Uses of Peanut Butter!”
  1. BL00DW0LF6 says:

    what about a peanut butter and honey sandwich!?
    or make a grahm cracker sandwich with peanut butter in the middle!?!
    those are my favorites, yum.

    we also use PB to get gum out of hair

  2. shelby strechneckle says:

    Another great use for peanut butter especially if your a dog lover is to spread peanut butter all over you genitals and then let you dog lick it off, great sexual stimulation at the low cost of a little peanut butter it works great for me keeps me from wasting my time with men.

  3. BL00DW0LF6 says:
  4. maharaz says:

    1 Sell tiny packets of it in vending machines.
    2 Mark your speedometer with it so you can see at a glance if you’re over the limit.
    3 Use it to try to get on military bases. Extra points for Area 51.
    4 Be afraid of it. Be very afraid of it.
    5 Make a thermometer with it.
    6 Tack some to a supermarket bulletin board.
    7 Use it to “touch up” tan lines.
    8Have some swaying on the dashboard of your car.
    9 Use some as floor mats.
    10 Keep the sun out of your eyes by smearing some on the windshield.
    11 Show road-raged drivers your peanut butter.
    12 Use it to keep the soles of your shoes from flapping until you can afford a new pair.
    13 Use it to express your opinion of your brother’s hand-me-downs.
    14 Dip candy canes in it before putting them on the tree.
    15 Use it to hide the fact that you have braces.
    16 Build a replica of Mount Rushmore. Make it bigger.
    17 Rub it between your toes to prevent athlete’s foot.
    18 When someone asks you, “What’s your sign?” say, “Peanut butter.”
    19 Climb to the top of a volcano. Throw in peanut butter to appease the gods.
    20 Use it to keep the peas from rolling off your knife.
    21 Do textual criticism of peanut butter ads.

  5. Jack Bremer says:

    my favourites:

    1. peanut butter + tomato sandwich
    2. slice of ham, smothered in peanut butter, and rolled into a delicious cigar shape, pretend-smoked and chomped!

    Also tastes great with chicken, banana, chocolate spread, marshmallow spread, etc (not necessarily all at the same time!)

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