AppleOne of the more interesting additions to the last Apple iPhone/iPod update was that ability to add Safari bookmarks to the Springboard.

When most sites are bookmarked, the icon on the Springboard becomes a screen shot of the page. However, if you want, you can provide a custom icon to make your site stand out.

Heres How:

  1. Create a 57×57px .PNG file.
  2. Add your artwork. Try a logo or something that relates to your site.
    NOTE: You do not need to add any glossy effects. The iPod/Phone will do that for you.
  3. Save your icon as… apple-touch-icon.png (It has to be exact!)
  4. To add it to your site simply add the .png file to your websites root directory.

Heres the example I made:

Tutorial Ninjas -

Happy bookmarking!

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