Adobe PhotoshopArtists can charge large amounts of money to take any picture and make a sketch out of it. Have you ever wished that you could do the same thing for free? Well it’s not difficult. All you need is Adobe Photoshop and a picture!

The Steps

  1. Open your desired photo in Photoshop. Hit ‘Ctrl+Shift+S’ and save it as a Photoshop (PSD) file.
    (So the original is not altered)
  2. Go to the Image menu and choose Adjustments > Desaturate to remove the color.
  3. Right click the layer and duplicate it. Now, Making sure you are on the top layer, Hit ‘Ctrl+I’ to Invert it.
  4. On the Inverted layer, change the mode from Normal to Color Dodge.
  5. Under the Filters menu go to Blur > Gaussian Blur and choose the setting that will make it look like a professional sketch. (Normally somewhere within 2.0 and 5.0).

And you’re done! Heres the one I made:

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