New ShurikenWell… it took us long enough and we are very sorry about the (hence… LONG!) delay, but we have finally updated everything on the site. This mainly pertains to our main site (what you are looking at right now), our theme, and many other back ends you probably have no idea about. Many were vital updates– just because the last time we performed an update like this was almost 1 year ago… June of last year to be precise. Other updates added features or improved the code efficiency of the site (less code mess on our end). Oh yeah, I forgot to mention we ‘upgraded our weapons and improved tactics’- yes, in English that would mean fixed many security holes.

So now that the updates are done, you are looking desperately around the site to discover a new feature. Great idea! To save you that time, ill tell you whats been changed!

  • Google ad now appears every 3 posts. This ad is also smaller in width, so it does not distort the layout.
  • Google ad in sidebar has theme-matching links.
  • Sidebar toggle is enabled on the homepage.
    (Click the <> image in the top right of a post.)
  • Has anybody realized you can hide any part of the sidebar by clicking on its header?
  • Tag management has been improved. Its easier to find what you want!
  • Search results have been improved. Removed toggle post feature for results (was useless).
  • Lots of other ‘easter eggs’ have been incorporated into the site.
    For example: Error messages.

I could tell you about all the other updates, but there are just too many that aren’t exactly relevant to you.
Hey don’t forget to check out the forums! Theres a present for everyone!

The Tutorial Ninjas

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