Site SundayA notepad is commonly a pad of paper for keeping notes. Simple enough, when you advance something simple like a notepad with technology, you get lots of useful features and mobility! Helipad is a flexible web-based notepad that allows you to write notes, organize them with tags, create and maintain to-do lists, and share these notes or lists with anyone!

A quick Helipad overview:

  • Jot down ideas on-the-go.
  • Organize your notes with tags.
  • Accessible from your cellphone.
  • Printer-friendly: “Your notes look great printed from Helipad.”
  • Share your documents with friends or family.
  • Make it your own: Customize your Helipad with themes and plugin’s!
  • Quickly find previous work with a well-engineered Search feature.
  • Developer friendly: Use the Helipad API to design your own Helipad-friendly application.
  • Automatically save your work (You can set how often you want it to auto-save).

With all of these features in a high-tech notepad, you cant go wrong with a tool like Helipad!

Go to to sign up now!
Helipad is completely free, and does not require the submission of any personal information!

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  1. ryan says:

    I personally use which is a far simpler online notepad, and makes most of the things I need. Helipad i complicated for most people, I think.

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