Tip TuesdayHearing is one of a humans 5 important senses. Without sound, life would be a lot different. Growing up in a world of technology with MP3 players and surround sound is an enjoyment and a danger. When people like to blast their music, they are gradually damaging their hearing. Hearing loss has become a popular trend, as these technologies advance and music gets louder. Learn to stay healthy, with good hearing!

Answer the following questions to determine whether you have a hearing problem:

* In a noisy place, do you have trouble following a conversation?
* Do you ask people to whom you talk to repeat what they have just said?
* Do you increase the volume when you watch TV or when you are listening to a song on the radio?
* Do you have trouble understanding conversations when people talk to you in the dark?
* Do you have trouble understanding a foreign movie which has been translated in your mother tongue?
On the phone, do you have trouble understanding addresses, numbers,etc… which are communicated to you?

Take control of your life, stay healthy and enjoy your music wisely! [Via Diethack]

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